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Integrative Practice 101

The nurturing soil lasting transformation needs

Service Description

For those that want to take their integration journey to the next level, I recommend an integrative practice session where you will learn the basics of how to develop an integrative practice that spans across physical, emotional, intellectual, interpersonal and spiritual modalities. Besides helping you integrate your experience, it provides the stepping stones for you to develop a practice to help you towards fundamental wellbeing. Benefits: - discover and learn practices across the five modalities (intellectual, physical, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual) - get to the core of what you need with my specialized practice needs assessment - spark your own inspiration towards embodiment, compassion and development

Cancellation Policy

Bookings are non-refundable so canceled appointments are lost. Clients can reschedule a class with at least 6 days' notice and pending availability. In case of actual emergencies or personal issues please contact me as soon as possible and we will try to find a mutually beneficial solution.

Contact Details

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