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Integration Fundamentals

Everything you need to begin integrating your experience

Service Description

Did you have a peak experience, with psychedelics or by other means and now you would like to now how to best integrate it in your life? With transformative experience integration session you will get useful maps and tools to allow you to discover your own integration path. In addition you can benefit from different tips and techniques accumulated by me over the past 7 years that will make your integration journey smoother, safer and more fulfilling. Benefits: - Helps the grounding process and ensures a smoother landing - Discover ways to show up in daily life with an expanded self - New self, new challenges - learn how to navigate them wisely

Cancellation Policy

Bookings are non-refundable so canceled appointments are lost. Clients can reschedule a class with at least 6 days' notice and pending availability. In case of actual emergencies or personal issues please contact me as soon as possible and we will try to find a mutually beneficial solution.

Contact Details

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