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How can psychedelics truly serve lasting transformation?

Updated: Feb 16

My own approach to integration

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Integration is necessary but not sufficient for intense psychedelic experiences

Any sort of peak or transformative experience, especially the substance-induced psychedelic experience requires a process of integration of the experience. Here integration refers to the translation of the meaning, insight, and content of the experience into daily lives by means of remembering, expressing, accepting, committing, and taking action.

Transformative experiences that induce a mystical experience with deep spiritual or transcendent content or that reveal deep truths, traumas, or point to a more developed (structurally and in states) version of the self require special attention.

Simply integrating the experience (in the above-mentioned way - which is generally something immediately after the experience, lasting to a few days and weeks at most) is not enough. Why?

From integration to an integrative attitude to life and ultimately Fundamental Wellbeing

Given that more is needed to actualize and make the transformation process lasting - a move from the integration of the experience towards cultivating an integrative attitude on life by developing a personal integral life practice is in most cases needed and certainly desirable, should the person want to continue the self-development process.

The development of an integral life practice across all modalities of life/personality (a process which takes at least 3-6 months but ideally 9 months to 1 year) will spawn the need for an even wider container, that of working towards integral fundamental wellbeing.

Integral fundamental well-being is a term used to capture an attitude on life, a set of life practices, commitments, endeavors, and steps that can be seen as addressing both the immanent and the transcendent dimensions of integration and transformation and that aim for allowing individuals to be on a path of growth and life that fosters freedom, fullness and fundamental richness of human experience.

My own approach and recommended method of working together

My approach thus consists of being a guide to transformation, integration, and lasting development in a three-step process.

First is the integration of the session which typically involves between 1 and 3 sessions of individual 1 - 1 work (with sharing of self-study and practice materials and some light “homework).

For those that feel they want to go deeper with the integration and move towards an integrative attitude to life and developing an integral life practice (step 1 must have been completed individually or with me), I will show you how to approach the creation of your own integral life practice (both theoretical, practical and experiential work).

This can be achieved in the course of at very least 3 and ideally 6 sessions. (with self-study and self-practice in between as well as mini-tasks in between sessions).

Last but not least, for those that either have completed step 1 and step 2 of my approach with me or feel they have the personal development that integration and integral life practice support, I can be a catalyst for your own journey towards fundamental well-being.

I will share my most advanced approaches, techniques, structures, practices, and insights, to facilitate your very own take on the process. There is no recommended number of sessions here as it is a process less structured by the mind and more intuitive (however if you resonate with me and my approach I would recommend at least 3 sessions and am open to up to 12 sessions (I generally do not want to work more as my aim is to share all I can with you and empower you on your own quest or refer to someone that might be more appropriate for your needs and to avoid dependency and codependency scenarios).

In a nutshell

After more than seven years of intense experience with transformative practices and psychedelics and after studying, researching, and working in the field of psychedelic integration and integrative practice, I truly believe that psychedelics can serve lasting beneficial individual transformation.

It is important to point out that the above can in my mind only be reached with careful integration work, the development of an integrative attitude to life, and a move towards fundamental well-being, connection, and harmony with life and existence.

If you would like to get to know me better before working together please book a free 30-minute session using the button below.

If you want us to work together, please either book individual sessions or packages below.

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