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Why is integration necessary? Some common themes

Sometimes in life, we go through significant experiences that leave their imprint on us and profoundly alter our personalities and behaviors. These can be brought on by the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, possibly a very meaningful dream, an especially memorable excursion or retreat, or frequently—a psychedelic experience.

Many people have profoundly transformative experiences under the influence of psychoactive substances, holotropic breathing or meditation retreats to name a few. After such experiences, you can often encounter challenges such as:

  • The environment around you is no longer conducive to whom you have become

  • You fail to stick to the new habits that you proposed after the experience

  • You feel unable to translate your experience across different domains of your life

  • You feel that people around you have a hard time understanding you

  • You are so immersed in discovering your inner being that you forget/neglect the external reality

  • You feel overwhelmed by all the potential new things you could explore, particularly in the self-help/self-development and spiritual supermarket

  • You believe that the solution to your problems lies in the next experience, or you believe that only with the help of that substance or retreat you can be a certain way

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What are some of the potential benefits of working together? 

Deciding to embark on an integration journey with me is a big decision. If some of the above integration needs resonate with you then here are some of the benefits of diving deep into transformative experience integration work: 

  • Fostering a lifestyle consistent with the inspiration received in your experiences

  • Assistance in uncovering any potential bypassing, whether spiritual or otherwise, and gentle yet consistent help in addressing it

  • Clear ways to transform and translate the esoteric and abstract to the practical and actionable

  • Discovering non-pharmacological and natural methods of inducing transformational experiences

  • Methods of nurturing more presence and less dissociation

  • Help in developing a personal integrative practice 

  • Opportunity and space to share your experiences and insights that you are unable to share with most people 

Consider working with me if: 

  • You had one or more transformative experiences in which you discovered altered states of consciousness (ASC)​ through various induction methods such as psychedelics, holotropic breathwork, yoga and/or meditation retreats or other methods

  • You want to learn how to develop a pragmatic approach to your experience and also critically face your beliefs 

  • You want to discover how to make sense of the states you experienced and how to weave their insights in your daily life

  • You want to get to know yourself and your values better

  • You want to be part of a growing community of people with similar experiences  

My "short" story

An intense and sudden experience changed my life in 2016. It was both incredibly enriching and exposed me to a lot of new things, which made it challenging to integrate into my life. This journey has led me to where I am now and my current mission. In addition to my training and education, I have firsthand experience going through the process of integrating intense and challenging experiences.

When I talk to most people, I tell them about my life before and after having these experiences, Life 1.0 and Life 2.0. Before, I was a consultant in London. Then, a series of events led me to have a peak (psychedelic-induced) experience that was both amazing and shocking. These kinds of experiences can be amazing and life-changing, but our society and most cultures don't prepare us for them or help us integrate them. This lack of support and guidance led me on a journey of self-discovery and integration. I worked on myself, experimented, and developed personally and professionally. Now, my calling is to help others who are going through peak experiences and need guidance and support. For a longer account of my own experiences and challenges on the road to wholeness, check this post here

Qualifications and credentials - to name some

  • MSc Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology, Alef Trust and Liverpool John Moores University​

  • Facilitator of psychedelic integration workshops and integrative practice courses for two renowned international organizations

  • 400-Hour Certified Hatha and Tantra Yoga Teacher

  • Organized over 25 transformative events and classes across Europe and Asia with hundreds of satisfied participants

  • Six years of continuous personal integration, development, and practice (sustained retreats & daily practice)

  • Significant altered state experience with most induction methods (focus on psychedelics, breathwork, meditation, and technology)

  • BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Oxford Univerity

  • Former Strategy Consultant, LEK Consulting London 

  • Former competitive duathlete and endurance athlete

Andrew R.

“I loved the way Victor conveyed all the information, an approach full of understanding , positivity and with a lot of passion for the personal development process. A real inspiration."
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