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You had a transformative experience, now what? 

Guide Mentor 

Here to assist you in your transformational journey, by providing integration and holistic life practices to serve you toward fundamental wellbeing



I am a transformation & integration guide. My mission is to be a close catalyst in your journey of development and integration, empowering you as well as challenging you on your path to fundamental well-being and return to wholeness.

I offer 1-1 consulting and coaching sessions designed to inspire you to realize your authentic integration and transformation potential with the help of the most suitable tools and techniques and drawing on my first-hand academic and practical experience within the field.

From Life1.0 to Life2.0 and beyond, I am here to provide structure, feedback & support as well as accountability, information & tips. Allow me to help you translate the beauty, insight, and wisdom of your transformative experiences in your everyday life. 

If you want to find out why integration work is important for development and lasting transformation, what benefits it can bring, why to work with me and more about my story then please read more or visit my page at Life2.0Plus. 


For an idea of my own method and what services I recommend please check out this page here.


How I Can Help You

  • Everything you need to begin integrating your experience

    100 euros
  • The nurturing soil lasting transformation needs

    100 euros
  • From transformative experience towards fundamental wellbeing

    120 euros
  • A 30-minute session to get to know one another

  • Especially for those considering transformative experiences

    80 euros
  • Get in touch for more details on what I can facilitate

    To be agreed

Andrew R.

“I loved the way Victor conveyed all the information, an approach full of understanding, positivity and with a lot of passion for the personal development process. A real inspiration."
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